Sunday, December 23, 2012


WOW!  I am way behind!  Here's a quick look at our wonderful trip to Lehi for Thanksgiving.  We had an amazing time.  Was ate out at Steve and Juanelle's house.  The food was awesome.

 The next day we were able to help move Jan and Andy into their new home.  Lots of hands make for light work.  We don't care what the activity is we are doing are long as we are all doing it together. 

Mom put Jan's phone in her suitcase that we packed.  Jake had to climb in to find it while we kept calling it so he could hear it ring.

Home in Holladay just in time for the Holidays.

Then we went to Golden Corral to celebrate because we always do. 

  Later everyone went to Kyle and JoEllen's hotel for a swim.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

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