Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Weekend for Bishop Beckstrand

So Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent up in Cedar City with a quick jaunt home and back for the baptism. Sunday continued the madness. We had 51 visitors in our congregation just from the Beckstrand's and Shelton's. Everyone knew it was because Josh was being ordained a deacon. Or at least they thought. Bishop Haley got up and took care of ward business by calling Josh up and congratulating him from graduating from Primary and presented him to the congregation to be made a deacon. It was great. Then the bishop called on his own grandson, Josh Haley, to been ordained to a teacher. What an amazing occasion.

I feel I have a lot of my parents gift to take in strangers and help them. Josh Haley was one of those kids. I loved him immediately. I knew his Dad had problems and that his mom had died when he was 4. I could just see that all he needed was some love and attention. Good attention. He needed someone to tell him that he was a good and decent person and then he knew he could be. He is now living with his grandparents and getting good grades and trying out for the basketball team this season. The fact that he even plays basketball attracted Joel to him like bees to honey. They have gotten along since day one. It's been great to see him grow. He used to sit with us in church but now he sits with his grandma and now he can sit with his grandpa too because after Bishop Haley was done conducting he turned the time over to the Stake President who released him and his counselors and put in Joel as the new Bishop with John Howells, Madi's Dad, as his 1st counselor and Chris Wilson as his 2nd. It was a surprise to pretty much all of the ward members. Half of the people weren't even there.

I wish I had taken a picture of everyone who was there but it was so crazy that day that I totally forgot. Here is a list:
My parents, Jandy, Steve & Juanelle and family, Joel brought Katie down from the Shakespeare competition on his bus and JoEllen and Kyle went up to see the Utah football game in Salt Lake City and stopped by Paula's house to pick up Abby and they brought her down with them. Then we had Eric and Courtney too. Then from the Beckstrand's we had Joel's parents with Jen, James & Daniel, Aunt CarolNan & Wes Hess with Edie and her daughter Taylor. Aunt Boydine & Uncle Larry, Aunt Diana & Uncle Alton and Ron Wade. Jared & Angey and their 3 kids, Kristal brought her kids and Holly brought hers. It was amazing and my heart was so full because of their good love and support for us. We'd be lost without family.

After they sustained them they asked the new bishopric to take the stand and asked the old bishopric to bear their testimonies. It was fast Sunday so it worked out well. Then he asked Bro & Sis Howells and Bro & Sis Wilson to bear theirs. Then I thought we'd be out of time and they wouldn't call on me but they did. I got up and said who knows what. All I remember is telling them all how incredibly wonderful Joel is and that he will be an amazing Bishop. Then they gave Joel the last 5 minutes to talk and then it was over.

Right after we all went into the stake presidents office and Joel was made a High Priest and then confirmed the new Bishop of the Washington 5th Ward. It was really neat. His Dad made him a High Priest and my Dad, Bro. Howells, Uncle Alton and Ron and the stake presidency all stood in. Then just the stake presidency and Mike stood in to make him a bishop.

After it was all over we had about 15 minutes until Priesthood opening exercises were over and the boys and Joel all came in to set apart Josh Haley and my Josh. In my Josh's circle was both grandpa's, Josh Scott, Mike Allen, Joel, Steve, Sloan, Andy, Jared, Jaden and Daniel and Eric. I can't express the love I feel for all those worthy men. I appreciate them all and their good example to me and my family.

Ordaining Josh was one of the best things Joel has ever done. His first son and his first ordaining as a bishop. Pretty Cool. We all left after that and went to our house for lunch. At 2:30 we had a meeting with the Stake Presidency. I had no idea it would all start so quickly. It was a marriage counseling session for the bishopric and their wives. It was an eye opener. He told us that we needed to have things that we liked to do in common. Well, the only thing we have in common is the kids and the president said that that was just common ground and didn't count. Well, we have NOTHING in common. That's why we work so well. We like to go to the movies together where we can just sit and relax or we love to take a nap when we can. But those didn't pass either. So we are going to work on finding something. Apparently we will have these meetings regularly so I need to make a list of things we can do fast. The president also told us that we needed to stay healthy so I got up with Joel at 5am and went to the rec center. Now I need a nap.
Our meeting went until 3:30 and we went into his office for a little while until his first appointment showed up. We had our first Stake High Priest meeting at 5 and he was supposed to be done. So I went home and when I came back it was 5 and he still had 1 more person to meet with. I was getting mad already. The stake president told the congregation about Joel and I and I was sitting in the foyer like an idiot. 15 minutes later I was still sitting in the foyer and Joel got done and sat down next to me. I know that he'll have meetings and I will be fine with it. My problem is when it conflicts with my schedule. Had I known he was going to be 15 minutes late I would have went in and sat with friends and let everyone know that he was in a meeting. But I hate to look like I was late or being a flake. I have never had a problem going to things alone. If I waited for Joel for everything then life would pass me and my kids by. We have gone on vacation before without Joel. I'm pretty sure that we won't have a problem with not seeing him. But our lives can't stop either. So I have learned a him a seat. This will be an interesting 6 or so years. I'm learning things already.

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