Monday, October 17, 2011

1 week down 260 more to go!

So far so good. Week one as a bishop's wife was actually the best week I've had in a long time. A regular week with us is: Mon - Fri Joel leaves to work around 7 or 8am and gets home from the BLVD around 9 or 10pm. Saturday he works from 7 until 6 or 7. Then we go out to dinner and a movie. Sunday we go to church and then take a nap.
That's it. The week that we've played over and over for the last 19 years. It's worked. This week went like this:
Mon - Joel got home around 5:30 and we went to his parents for FHE.
Tues - Shayne's Birthday - she worked and we didn't do much. Joel got home at 7 and Ben wanted to go to the Halloween Store but I thought it was to scary. So we went to Walmart and bought Luigi and Waluigi costumes for David and Ben.
Wed - Joel was home by 4 because his first meeting was at 4:30 which was Josh getting his interview to get a temple baptism recommend. Then we had Mutual and then a co-ed softball game together.
Thurs - HOWARD JONES Concert!
Fri - Got Family pictures taken by Jalee in the morning and then Joel was home by 7 so we went to dinner and a movie.
Sat - While Joel was at work, we made 4 dozen cupcakes and 6 dozen cookies to start up the annual "Phantom Ghost". It's a cute poem and picture of a ghost that you leave treats with and it tells them to do the same to 2 other people. You of course doorbell ditch them so they don't know who they're from. We've started it every year for as long as I can remember no matter where we've lived. The kids look forward to it every October. This year Joel was home in time to be the getaway driver. Usually it's me. It's always a blast.
Sun - He had meetings in the morning but was done with everything by 2pm and then took a nap.

Pretty good week. We spent more time together than we had in a long time. If the the other 260 weeks are as good as this one then this will be cake! I know I just jinxed myself but it really was a great week.

Joel's first Sunday conducting went flawless. It was also Josh's first time passing the sacrament. Big day for the men in our family. I was extremely proud of my priesthood members yesterday.

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Dan and Katie said...

260?? Yeah right!! He's going to be so wonderful for this ward that they'll keep him for 10 years! Glad you guys had a great week- you so deserve it! And, truth be told I shed a few tears when Josh was presented in Sacrament.....gonna miss that young man!