Sunday, October 23, 2011

42 pounds later...

A couple months ago Joel's work started a Biggest Loser competition. Well Joel had been meaning to loose 20 pounds before the marathon and so he signed up and thought that it would be good motivation. Well, the entry fee was $20 and over 40 people joined in. His boss also said that he would throw $500 on top of what ever money was in the pot. So with new motivation Joel now wanted to WIN it. Now keep in mind that he was only looking to loose 20 pounds at first. His weigh in weight was 235. It was a 10 week competition and he had 8 weeks until the marathon. Joel always signs up for the marathon in the weight class division so he doesn't have to compete with John and other little guys who run a million miles a minute. So the day before the marathon he weighed in at 203 and needed to be over 200 to stay in the weight class. So he ate a lot and wore heavy shoes to weigh in with. His goal was 20 pounds before the marathon and he had already dropped 32! You'd think he'd stop, but no. He dropped another 10 pounds in the 2 weeks after the marathon. His final weigh in was 193. 42Pounds total! It ended up being 17.8% of his body fat and his main competition was this short plump lady who had lost 44 pounds which was 26% of her body fat. Joel would have had to loose another 20 pounds to catch her and I wasn't going to let that happen. 2nd place is good enough. Joel looks amazing at 200 pounds. He said that he plans on staying slim and would like to gain that 7 pounds back in muscle. I didn't think he had 42 pounds to loose so I went back to look at some old photos.
Here he is in July at our family reunion:

And this is him this weekend at the Midnight 5 K.

Quite a bit of difference. He also has to stay 200 lbs. or less to fit into his 2 new suits for church. He has another relay race with his Dad and brothers coming up in December so he is keeping up with his running, which will help. I guess I need to get on it and loose some weight too so we don't have the Jack Sprat thing going on.
Good Job Joel! I love you!

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