Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year was not one of my best but it is over and in the record books. David was Mario.

Ben was Waluigi.

Josh was a foosball player. I don't have a picture but picture in your mind him in his Real Salt Lake Jersey, soccer shorts and cleats with a pole through one sleeve and out the other. Foosball Player! Sophie I do have a picture of...

A Witch Doctor!
Shayne was in scrubs too with the letter I on her shirt...I (eye) Doctor!
Joel was the best of the best. Can you guess what he was? Not many figured it out.

The Iron Chef! Get it? Fe = Iron
I was going to be a tropical depression but time flew by and after I got everyone else ready there was no time for me. I was going to wear Hawaiian clothes and a big bottle around my neck that read "PROZAC". Tropical Depression.

JoEllen's family - Kyle-Glenda the good witch, JoEllen-smarty pants, George-Harry Potter, Emily - bumble bee, Evan-Mummy and Matty was Dorthy. Originally they were going to do a whole Wizard of Oz thing but it didn't happen. But look at how well the dress fits on Kyle!!!!

A good time was had by all and I hope I didn't gain too much of the 10 pounds I just lost back. Extra time at the gym this week!

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