Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's not Halloween without Aunt Jan's doughnuts.

This time of year is full of traditions and this one starts them all off. The kids look forward to this more than trick-or-treating. We start off with Jan's bread bowls, which are amazing, and choose from her split pea or this year she had squash soup too or JoEllen's white chicken chili (my fav) and my cheddar broccoli. (Next year I'm taking pictures of the soup.) Then while we let that settle Jan and the kids cut out doughnuts and let them rise for a minute then she and Andy fry them all up to a warm sugary, artery clogging goodness that consumes your soul with happiness. The ultimate comfort food.

We also had some gummy eyeballs that David and Andy found amusing. Good times!

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