Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th of JULY!

The 4th of July was great this year.  We started out down at the Sunbowl watching Joel , John, Kristal and all of their kids and a dozen Red Rock boys run the Uncle Sam 5K.  It was a good little run around downtown St. George and they were given red shirts, white beards and a tall red, white and blue hat.  Although none of them wore any of it to run in.  The race course was awesome for us by standers because they passed by us 3 different times so we were able to actually see them and cheer them on.  John almost won the entire thing except for these 2 young runners that were pacing off of him that passed him with a quarter mile to go.  It was a fun race to watch.  Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to watch the parade.  It went right past their house so we had great seats and the kids got a lot of candy.

 Then we went swimming at Uncle Larry and Aunt Boydine's.  One of our favorite watering holes. 

Then we all went home and took a nap and rested up for the fireworks later that night.  It's tradition for us to go into the Sunbowl to watch the show.  They always have a live band for you to listen to while you wait for the sun to go down and for it to get dark.  The show was a little shorter than usual but was still beautiful. 

After we got home we lit off some fireworks.  We had the Scoresby boys over for the show and William decided to show us how his exploding flowers were water proof.  So flowers are usually the fun ones that spin around really fast and change colors and his did that and then exploded.  So he dropped one in our bucket that we had standing by in case something caught in fire.  It was pretty cool.  It made the entire water change with the colors and then when it explodes it splashes a little water.  So, he did about 5 of them and then one got a little to close to the side and when it blew up it blew a hole in the side of the bucket!  Wow!  It showed us all how powerful even the little ones can be.   At the parade Chick-Fil-A was handing out little cows and we decided to see what one would look like after we stuck a firework in it. 

 It was a super fun day and I'm glad that we could spend it as a family and with family.  After all that's what makes the memories right?

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