Wednesday, July 3, 2013

JAG and Grandpa!

 This summer we were able to sign Josh up for Jr. Association of Golf (JAG).  We heard about it last year but when we went to sign up we asked about when golf classes started and they looked at us weird.  Apparently it's only for people who already know how to play.  So we took last year and put him into beginning then advanced golf lessons from our friend Mike Sandberg.  Mike is awesome and played golf in college.  The JAG program gives kids a discount on golfing on all the golf courses in St. George.  $3!  And half price on a bucket of balls for the driving range.  They also put 6 tournaments together for $10 a piece and have 4 parent/kid tournaments.  Luckily Grandpa Beckstrand was more than willing to do those with Josh.  Joel said he would if Josh wanted him to but Grandpa loves to golf and with him Josh would have a chance to not come in last place.  Those tournaments also come with a golf cart and they feed them dinner afterwards.  It's been great for Josh.  He loves every second of it.
This is Josh at his first golf tournament.  We had just cut his hair so we needed a hat so he wouldn't get fried by the sun and we forgot one so we bought this one for a million dollars from the Pro Shop.
I dropped him off and he "putted" around until it was his time to tee off.

He had a great time but shot a 136.  Not bad for his first time but a kid in his 4some hit a 72.  Oh well, you have to start somewhere and I'm sure that that 72 started out as a 136 on his first tournament years earlier.

 Best Summer of Golf Ever!

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