Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Swimming Fun!

This year Ben decided to do Swim Team with Sophie. He is officially a DSU Narwhal.  It has been awesome!  He has gotten up every morning Mon - Thurs at 6:30 and gotten ready without complaining.  Their first meet was this last weekend in Hurricane.  I wondered how it was going to go.  Sophie's birthday isn't until next week so she was put in the 13-14 year old and kicked some butt.  Ben's first event was the Freestyle relay and he was chosen to be the anchor.  When it came down to him their team was in last place and they were behind by a whole length by the time he entered the water.  The other kid had already hit the other end and turned.

 Ben flew!  Not only did he have perfect form, went down and FLIP TURNED,  but he out touch the kid by three strokes! 

The entire place was cheering like crazy.  JoEllen said that the lady next to her said, "Go Ben!  I don't know you but I really want you to win!"  The other boys on his team were so happy.  One of them told him, "Yeah Ben!  We didn't loose!"  It reminded me of Shayne when she was 10 and would do the exact same thing.  I had flashbacks of the Utah Summer Games where she was in that same exact scenario and ended it the exact same way.  I felt the same way then that I did at that very awe that I am the mother of such an incredible person and wished I would have my own personal professional cameraman to record that momentous moment.  My eyes welled up and I wanted so badly to call Shayne and tell her all about it.  I think Ben is going to like swimming.  He also did backstroke and breastroke that day and did pretty well in both of them for competing in them for the first time.  I am just glad that his confidence is raising.  Out of all of my kids he is the one who I have worried the most about as far as that goes.  The rest have found there niche'. 

Even David.  He's very talented in every sport he does and is already confident doing everything he tries.  Ben is more timid and worried that he might mess up.  I'm so glad we found something he does well.  There are 3 more meets this summer so we are all looking forward to seeing his progress.  I don't want to leave Sophie out of this blog.  She is amazing.  She shines.  People are drawn to her because of her smile and kind heart.  She loves everyone, sincerely wants them to do their best and is always down at the end of the pool cheering everyone on.  She is a social butterfly.  She is a great swimmer and doesn't have a problem with any stroke.  Her backstroke is going to be her strongest stroke I think.  I am excited to watch her in High School this year.

Look how far she out touched the other girl!

Emily is super fun to watch.  She's a lot like Sophie. 

And George has one of the best looking Breaststrokes I've seen.   He will be awesome in High School.

 Sophie convinced Victoria Robinson to join the team this summer and she is improving everyday.  She has a great attitude and in swimming that is really important.

So, now David.  He is in his last day of swim lessons with Evan.  This is it before they go into Swim Team if they choose to.  David doesn't really want to but Evan wants to start right now.  David's teacher was helping them with Backstroke last week and he hated every minute of it.  He loved the Butterfly Stroke but he would rather be on a basketball court, baseball diamond or soccer field.  I do love the fact that I can let him go over to the pool without anyone watching him and know that he will be safe because he can out swim some of the lifeguards.   

This is his Butterfly.

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