Monday, June 24, 2013

Sophie's 15th!

Happy Birthday Sophie!
She turned 15 today and wants to go to the DMV tomorrow as soon as it opens.  YIKES!

She got a new swim towel from her swim buddy Ben.
A new scripture case and lotion from Dad.

3 Maxi skirts from me thanks to Sarah Miller's Maxi Party.
A new Fable Haven book and super cute owl necklace that the wings open and reveal a clock.
Josh gave her a real clay Ocarina and some cool big headphones.

Finally, she got her own bow and arrow set.  I wish I had a huge field and a ton of money to let her practice with a really good achery set.  She'd be Olympic bound!   
Here she is with Kyle up at the Wells' cabin in Pine Valley.  She was really good for it being her first time.

Love you Sophie!  Good luck on your Learners Permit test!

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