Sunday, June 9, 2013


For some reason Washington City decided to only do Pee Wee baseball this year and not tell everyone that their only choice if they have an older kid was Little League.  Little League Stinks.  It's 3x the price and is for kids whose parents want there kids to play professionally.  What about kids like Ben who are good at more than one sport and are still trying to decide if they like baseball over the other sports or not.  Well, up until this year the city had a huge league for them and there wasn't a problem.  This year I guess the Little League complained about the competition and their low numbers so the City decided not to run their league but didn't say anything so those who were waiting for the city didn't sign up for Little League and then found out to late and were out the entire season.  I wasn't the only Mom upset about it.  So Ben came to each of David's games and watched and complained the entire time.  It was great!  Not.

Once again we had Mike and Josh Jensen as our coaches!  They are awesome and the kids know them and because of that they can immediately concentrate on the game and not feel shy or awkward.


Joel calls this picture his Home Run Shot because he's watching his ball go out of the stadium after it's been hit.


Here's another one
 Havin' fun on 2nd base.  David refused to stop on 1st after he hit the ball.  It wasn't worth it to him to not run as fast as he possibly could and get at least an extra base.
This week he got to be catcher.

 Joel and I were able to go down to a Vegas 51's baseball game with the Red Rock Group.  It was a lot of fun.  We were allowed down on the field to take a couple pictures and  had a great time.

I think we'll go down again but this time without the 25 other kids. 

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