Saturday, October 3, 2015

Marathon #9 and CC Cedar meet

The weekend actually started with Friday afternoon with me taking Ben and David up to Cedar City to a XC Meet and then taking George and Josh with us after it was over back through Enterprise to Pine Valley up to the cabin to meet up with everyone else for the marathon.  Sophie was up there with JoEllen's van to take the rest of the kids back home and I stayed overnight with the racers to drive them to the starting line so they could sleep in.  Here are pictures from Cedar.  Josh actually PR'ed.  He took over a whole minute off!  Here is a picture of our Youngsters team.
On your marks...
Here's Drew and then Ben and Gabe Holt running together. 
Then David came running up behind them.  The course was so narrow that it was difficult to pass people without going off the course a little bit.  So David never passed anyone to catch up to Ben because he thought he'd get in trouble.
 This is them coming onto the track to finish.
David looking to see how far behind he is.


 My favorite picture.
They both did great and were happy with their times.  Ben was 13:54 and David was 14:22.

This is how the High Schooler's got ready to run at every race...Hacky Sack, Sudden Death.  Josh was by far the best one at it because he's a soccer player.  The rest of them were just runners.
There's a movie out right now called Macfarland.  It's about a tiny little Hispanic 6 man team from nowhere.  The boys pictured here are exactly what they looked like.  I think this is Stansbury Park High's JV team.  They were so short and puny compared to our guys.  It was crazy.  But guess what?  They were all really fast!  It was so funny.  Just like in the movie.  Hahaha!  It cracked me up.

On your Marks...
Josh went from the middle of a pack of his teammates...

To leading them!  Look how excited David is.
He looked great and felt great.  Everyone else hates this course but not Josh.
Here's Emma and Shana and Laynee.

And Emma's finish.
Here's George's team.  They only have 7 guys but they are all fast!

Here's Ben cheering George on as he hits the track to finish.

 Then we headed up to Pine Valley.  I was shocked to see that the only people that showed up were us.  Usually we have 6 more people.  Mason and Mandy stayed up at Jillyn's cabin and Spencer had a broken foot so he couldn't run.  Kyle still can't run because of his back so we didn't have any of the Wells clan with us.  The kids all headed back down the mountain and I stayed to take the boys to the starting line in the morning.

John was the first to cross.

Then Charles came by right in time for me to hurry and leave to get to Shayne's Rugby game!  (See the next blog).  So I didn't get to see Joel finish but he hit a HUGE wall and ended up walking the last couple miles and crossing the finish line over 5 hours after he started.  It wasn't good.  He had gotten really sick a month earlier and it cut into his training to much.  Josh caught him at mile 22 and was going to run with him but ended up walking most of it.  He did make it to the last half of Shayne's game though.

These are all pictures I stole from the internet and the last two are Sophie's.

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