Monday, September 28, 2015

Josh's Sweet 16th!

Josh turned 16!! He's all grown up.  Well...not ALL grown up but a lot more than last year.  
He got some fun things for his birthday like suspenders and a belt, new bow ties, R2D2 Bop It game and a regular and JUMBO PILL!
 Is that it?  Nope one more thing...but it's at Eric's shop so we just showed him this video.

He was stoked!  The next day he got his license and the next week we got the scooter licensed and he was legal in every way.  When I was getting the scooter licensed the guy asked me what kind of plate I wanted, Ski Utah or Centennial?  I said Ski Utah because I figured white and red would look better than orange and he took the top one off and handed it to me.  BOOYAH!!  This is what we ended up with.  So lucky.  We will use it as our reminder to live life like it's our last on Earth and to treat others like it's theirs. 

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