Monday, August 7, 2017

We are the friends.

Yes, Yes we are.  The Dixie State Narwhals have beaten the Mesquite Manta Rays, the Hurricane Tiger Sharks and the Fredonia Killer Whales for the title of 2017 Swim Team of the Year!  We started out the meet with the Freestyle Relay because this is a 2 day meet.  The top 6 in each race would qualify to come back the next day to race again for the finals.  So here is Josh's relay.  They only had 3 kids his age, Josh, George and Kyson Carroll.  So Josh swam twice.  If your lane won the heat then you got a prize, a Gatorade and granola bar.  Needless to say, they also won the Medley relay.  That picture is further down.  Josh is wearing the green cap in the closest lane.  It was a close race.

Here are our cute coaches.
  Jeff Lipitz, Shayne and Josh.  The rest of the coaches couldn't make it.  (We didn't need them.)
Shayne coached Sophie's littles.  It was so cute.
 Here are Ben and Josh's Butterfly.

 Then it was David's gorgeous Backstroke with his perfect start.
  Then he and Owen did Breaststroke.  They did great.  Owen has come a long way since starting swim team a week late.  He's caught the swim bug and is glad that he is now an official swimmer.

Then Ben, Josh and George swam the IM.  It was hard to get picture's of Josh and George at the same time.  So I did the best I could.
 They were right next to each other even!
 George's Fly

Josh's Breast and Josh won the heat.

Here are the medley relay team pictures.
Ben, Carson Greer, Daxton Carroll, and Bridger Jones.  They won both of their relay's just like Josh.
 Here are the three big boys again with their Medley Relay treats.  Super smiles.
 Here are the three amigo's.  I couldn't find Hunter Iverson for the picture.  But it's OK.  These three have grown up a lot together.  I can't wait to recreate this picture when they are Sr.'s in High School!
 Jeff slept over at Konnor's Aunts place with us that night and he and Josh decided to be a balancing act in the circus.  They also played a slapping game that was ridiculous.
 Morning number 2
 All 3 of my kids made it back in all 3 events!  It was really cool because this was the first time in 4 years that David made it back at all.  He said that it was because Jeff killed him at practices.  He was glad.  Last year he was so sad and mad that he didn't make it back.  He just had to sit there and watch everyone else because he couldn't go home, we were in Mesquite.  He was even the youngest in his age bracket this year.  He just barely turned 11 in May!  Thanks so much Jeff!  You are a rock star!!!
 Here are Ben's fly, above, and Josh's fly, below.
David and Ben's Breaststroke.  Ben's goofy grin.  Ben is next to Daxton in this race.  Ben's awesome Eagle cap.  And my favorite this is the high 5 at the end of the race. 

I have to put a little series of photo's of Ben's starts in here.  He and I sat down and talked about them. For some strange reason he kicks his back foot way up.  We don't quite know what the problem is but we laughed for a good 15 minutes about how he could be a ballerina if he wanted to.  The last one is so bad that you can actually see the bottom of his foot!  His shoulders look great but he looks like he could do the splits if he tried.  Oh well, we'll work on it next year.
 Then Josh's backstroke that he won by a mile and his breaststroke that he got out touched by a fingernail.  He was so mad.  It was the only Silver that he got.  7 Golds and 1 Silver.  I thought it was finally fun to watch him actually give it his full force and have some sort of emotion behind it.

Our last meet with Jeff.  He is moving on to bigger and better things.  He was excepted into the Las Vegas Police Academy that starts on Monday.  We will miss him but are very excited for him and do not want to hold him back.  
 After everyone left, the main coaches had a meeting to go over next years schedule, discuss what was good and bad with the season and give the other Mesquite coaches time to finish up the medals, ribbons and add up the overall points to see who won the Championship Tournament.  Guess who it was?  You got it!  US!  Dixie State Narwhals!  It is a traveling trophy and we haven't won it for a couple years.  So it'll be fun to have on our shelf for the entire year until we host the Championship Meet next year.  Shayne has no idea who will coach with her.  Sophie is gone.  Jeff is gone.  Josh will be gone.  We might have to have Josh stick around just to help his poor sister out!
 Our awesome car ride home.

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