Sunday, August 6, 2017

The transformation!

So when Shayne left for her mission, Sophie got her room.  It took all of a couple of days to get it cleaned and Sophie moved in but, then Sophie wanted to hand paint the walls to match the bedspread.  That took time.  A couple of months in fact. 

Well, luckily for us, all we had to do was cover up the pink bathroom paint with some blue and cover over Sophie's amazing hand painted flowers with the black that was already on the wall.  Then throw on some geometric shapes and be done.  Voila'.  New bedroom for David.

 We really loved the way the tile from the old Washington Pool and the No Running Sign matched.  We used my shower curtain, Joel's Dallas Cowboy's Clock and Sophie's black rug to tie it all together.  Which turned out nice because I was then able to update my bathroom a little.  New shower curtain, towels and rug.  I did put a different clock in there.  We had a red one from another room that matched perfectly so I took it.  In the picture it's still the Dallas Cowboy's one.  Fun huh?
Here are the boys painting over Sophie's flowers.  You can see how pink the bathroom was before in that picture.

Once it was a solid black my idea was to make it a reverse soccer ball like on the chair in the room.

But, the wall was flat and the ball is round.  So I did the best I could with what I had and this is what I came up with.  It was a lot more white than I had anticipated.  But oh well.  It's done.
This is how the ends came out.  Not bad to not measuring anything.
 So here is the end product of David's new room.  I like it but more importantly, he like's it.
 He's got his main things up.  Gospel Standard poster, Prayer Picture from Jared and Baptism/Temple picture from Jared.  He also hung up his running and swimming medals and swimming ribbons.
 He has now hung up his David and Goliath poster, right by those empty bookshelves, so the walls don't look as bare.  He just needs to borrow some of the Hank Smith CD's from Ben to listen to as he goes to sleep like Ben does and he's good to go!
 We put all of Sophie's furniture in David's old room and made it into a storage/ hangout room with a sofabed in it so if anyone comes to stay, there will be a queen size bed for them to sleep on instead of just David's little twin.  It's really nice.  When she comes back, she can have Josh's room and the decorating can start all over again.

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