Monday, July 31, 2017

Last week of July pt. 3

Wow!  This week was so full that it had to have 3 parts.  That's crazy!  Well, after we dropped off Sophie we went straight over to the BYU Basketball Practice Facility and had a tour from Ashley.  It was amazing.  And a great thing to get Josh's mind off of Sophie. Ben was thrilled!  Not only because he now owned Sophie's phone but that he could take picture's of a bunch of BYU basketball players and send them to his friends and make them jealous.  Which he did.  Joel made me take this picture of him and Ben in front of Jimmer Fredette's trophy.  I don't even know what it's for but they were super excited about it.  I just kept thinking, If I had gotten a trophy like that for something, then there's no way I'd leave it at BYU.  I'd take it home.
 I did however take 2 picture's of my own that impressed me.  The first was of Ash shooting.  The second was of the underground tunnel system that we went in that lead us straight to the Marriott Center Floor where the team goes directly out to play.  We were not allowed onto the floor.  It was incredible.  Ashley then took us into the locker room and Ben was hooked!  He wants to play at BYU now.  He thinks it's awesome.  It was pretty fancy.  I'm really proud of Ashley and all of her hard work and am excited for the season top start so we can some up and watch some games.
 The rest of these picture's are off of Ben's phone.  He even recorded one of the guys practicing, but this is my blog and there's no way I'm putting that on here.  These blurry pictures are bad enough. 
 The facility was state of the art and had everything.  It was a great tour.  I'm glad we went.  After that we grabbed some food and set off  back to Southern Utah.  Josh went home with Shayne and Konnor in their car.  So we just had the 2 little boys with us.  It was weird. 

 The next day Josh and I went to PVHS to get him all registered for his Sr. year.  It was a pain in the butt because I DO NOT like the counselor at Pine View High.  I think that is the one and only thing I don't like about that place.  They don't let the students and parents pick the students schedule.  Even when I was in High School we chose our own schedule.  If a class was full then we didn't get in it and we had to choose something else.  It's not that hard.  EVERY college and University and MOST High Schools do class schedules online.  Counselors should counsel the students on what they need to do AFTER high school and help them with scholarships.  Not just say, hey, if you take all these extra classes you can get the Utah Regent Scholarship.  And then not tell you what else you need to do BESIDES just take the class.  Because clearly that isn't enough but once you've finished with the classes you are no longer any of their concern.  The PVHS counselors are only concerned about the students taking AP classes because they are judged on how many kids they can get to enroll in them.  Instead of how many kids they actually help in the end.  It DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!  Can you tell?  Anyway, I digress, Josh is ready to go for his Sr. Year.  It's not what we wanted but, let's just get the stupid thing over.  

Saturday we had our last swim meet to Hurricane.  Beat the Heat!  It's called Beat the Heat because it used to start at 5pm and go until 10 or 11pm but then Fredonia complained that they were getting home to late.  So now we have it from 8am to 2!  It was 109 degrees!  Which was fine if you were competing!  But if you were a loving parent, you got heatstroke.  By the time I got home I had the worst headache ever.  I took some medicine for it and laid down for a minute.  But the Swim meet was special this time.  It was dedicated to Sophie.  Emily drew this Narwhal on Evan in hopes of being the next Sophie.  It didn't really work but she said that she'd practice. 
I didn't take a bunch of pictures this meet because it was too hot.  I just wanted to stand there and do nothing so I took video.  But when I went to download them they all flipped onto the side and I can't get them back straight!  The medals and trophies were really cool this year.  I wish DSU would get on top of things and do something like this so that we don't look like the poor white trash of the group.  We are supposed to represent the University.  Not some 2 year trade tech.  Even Mesquite and Fredonia do better than we do.  That's saying a lot!  It's to bad our coaches can't take over the swim team like they want too and make it the incredible thing that it really is.  I did take three picture's right before Ben's relay because I saw he and Daxton laughing at something.  Those two have been friends for a long time.  I'm glad that they have each other.  
 Unfortunately Ben had to swim against Kevin Bunn.  He's a beast.  But Ben had a great dive.
 Here are the final times for the boys.  They did great.

We have our last swim meet this weekend, Friday and Saturday.  Swim Championships in Mesquite, Nevada.  We are staying overnight at Konnor's Aunt's condo.  Then we will have our end of year pool party the next Monday and be completely done with the season.  Which means school starts 1 week later!  It's going to be crazy.  I'll let you know how it all goes.

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