Monday, July 31, 2017

Last week of July pt. 1

The last week of July was CRAZY!  It started off with the Pioneer Day.  That afternoon we went to Ivins Res. with BrAshley and the kids.  It was incredibly hot, 109.  But it had been a lot worse in weeks past. 
 We had fun on the SUP's and Sophie and Shayne made an awesome sandcastle that Henry bellyslammed later.  David and Henry were both buried in the sand and fought their way out.

Later that night we met up with the Wells Clan at the WCCC for the 24th of July Celebration.  The 3 of us girls were wearing the wraps that Hira Tueria brought us from Tahiti.  Josh basically worked the entire time he was there, helping out the lifeguards with the waterwalkers.
 At the end of the night we watched a spectacular fireworks display.  Matty didn't want to see Sophie go.  This was their last time together.  We were leaving the next morning to Lehi to take Sophie up to the MTC.
 They had a lady there doing Caricatures.  This is Shayne and Sophie's.   And Sophie with the Wells cousins one last time since they weren't able to make it to her setting apart.  We will have to recreate this picture when they are all back together again.  It'll probably be 3 years, since Sophie and George might overlap depending on when he gets his call.
 The next morning, we met everyone over at Stake President Ellsworth's office at 8am to get Sophie set apart as a missionary.  It was a rainy morning.  We all crammed into his office and he wanted Sophie's siblings to say a little something on how they felt about Sophie leaving.  Shayne said how proud she was then he turned to Josh...Josh just sat there for a minute and then tried to speak and nothing came out but sobs.  It was so sad.  Everyone started to cry.  Josh said how much he loves her and knows she will be great.  Ben said that he knows she will be a good missionary because she is a peacemaker in our home.  David went and said that he is happy that he gets her room.  Josh snuck this picture while David was talking.
Afterwards, President Ellsworth took this group picture for us.  Below are last selfies with Sophie.
Then we jumped into the car and went up to Lehi.  We listened to church music for awhile then we put in the movie, "Once I Was A Beehive."  It's David's all time favorite movie.  We figured it was an OK missionary movie. 

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