Monday, July 31, 2017

Last week of July pt. 2

So when we got to Lehi later that night we had dinner with everyone so they could hang out one last time with Soph before she left.  These are goodbye hugs from everyone.  Charles, Jake and Tyler.
The Rogel Clan, who will soon be doing this for Abby who is currently doing her missionary papers!
 The Shelton Clan, who will soon be doing this for C.J. since he just started his mission papers this past weekend!  We are so excited for all of these incredible youth and their amazing example to us all!  Woo Hoo!  You guys are AWESOME!!  To me this is like they get to go away on a really huge Youth Conference that is really long and SUPER amazing.  They still have adults over them and they still have group meetings.  They just get to drive now.  Hahaha!
 Issac Lucero should be going out on his mission in January.  So all four of them at once.  FUN!
 The next morning, we got up, got ready to go and then realized we didn't have Ben.  He stayed at Paula's.  Abby brought him back just in time to say one last goodbye and off we went.  It was strictly a coincidence that Grandma, Pa, and Sophie all matched.  It was super cute.
 The first thing we did when we got to the temple was recreate the picture of when we were there dropping of Shayne in 2013.  NAILED IT!
 Then we took more picture's and waited until Ashley showed up.  David was Sophie's Selfie understudy for the last year so it was only fitting that he took this one with my camera.
 Ashley is going to BYU and just lives down the street from the MTC so she came to say bye to Sophie just in time.  We crammed everyone into the van and drove across the street.
 It used to be that you'd pull up and drop your missionary out on the sidewalk at the front of the MTC, but not anymore.  They have these 4 new 6 story buildings that are gorgeous and HUGE and now you drive underneath them into the parking garage.  See the guy in the orange vest?  Yep, he pointed down into that hole.  So down we went. 

 Once we got down there we saw the line of missionaries waiting to help all the incoming missionaries with their bags.  It was a fun sight.  We immediately rolled down the windows and started to wave and say hi to everyone.  At this point everyone was still doing good.  We then drove down a row and parked and I asked David to look out his window to see if anyone was following us to help Sophie with her luggage.  He said, "Yep, there's a girl speed walking trying to stay up with us."  Her name was Sister Smith.  She was super upbeat and fun.  Joel gave Sophie a hug first and was fine.  Then Josh.  He lost it, again.  But, just for a second.  Everyone else gave her a hug, said goodbye, then we took a quick picture and she was off.

 It was awesome.  I can't wait to hear from her.

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