Monday, October 11, 2010

Dixie College's 100th b-day!

Happy 100th Dixie! This weekend we a fun one. It was Dixie Colleges 100th Homecoming and it was packed with fun stuff. Friday at midnight JoEllen, John, Joel and I ran the first annual DSC Midnight 5K. Kyle didn't run because he was helping out at the water station. Kyle was the one who designed the course and helped get it all ready. This was my first 5K ever. It was pretty fun and JoEllen was very nice to stay with me. I don't have any pictures of this on purpose. John took 4th place over all and Joel did really well too especially since the marathon was just last week! I thought that I'd be stiff or hurting somewhere from that run but I was really surprised at how well I feel and I hate to say it but I'm excited to see when the next 5K is.

9 hours later (10am)we were at the Homecoming P-raid. Shayne and Kyle were in it and it had over 100 entries. Shayne was of course with the PVHS band and Kyle was on the Alumni float because he is on the committee. The kids all got balloons and a ton of candy!

Right after it got over we went to the alumni house to have a B-B-Q. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and cookies. Kyle had a blanket set up under a tree in the backyard of the alumni house and we just relaxed and had a good picnic. It was nice to have the kids all fed before we even got home so I didn't have to do anything.

At 3 & 4pm Sophie had Volleyball games. They had them outside because the weather was so nice and because the World Senior Games Basketball games were going on inside the rec center. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Sophie loves to play and is getting really good at it. It'll be fun to see if she decides to do it in High School.

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