Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy, fun, marathon/conference weekend

The first Saturday in October is always reserved for the St. George Marathon. This year we had Joel, John, Charles and Kyle run it. Our tradition is that Friday night all of the families go up to the Wells' cabin in Pine Valley for a big Carbo-load pasta dinner. Then someone stays behind to take the runners to the starting line at 6am. Well, this year it was me. It worked out great and was really fun to see all of the runners at the start getting ready. But, I had exactly 20 minutes to get down to the Bluff St. Park to start the Mayor's walk with all of our families. It was a super close call. Thank goodness the cops in this town don't care about anyone else except the runner's because I was flying!

I pulled up to the park and Shayne gave me my running shoes and my Mayor's Walk t-shirt and then they said "GO!" David took off running like a crazy man. I yelled at him to stop and come take my hand so we could walk together but he said, "Mom, I gotta run!" So, I said go ahead and then took off after him. Shayne ran with me thank goodness because I was sucking air about a half a mile later. So, she ran with him another mile before he got tired and stopped to walk. I caught up to them right before the last stretch to the finish line and when he saw it he took off running again. As he crossed the line he jumped like he'd just won. It was so cute. But, I didn't get to walk with any of my family. I was right in between the runners and the walkers and was all by myself. Next year I'll either have to run the entire way with him or convince him to walk with me. After the Mayor's walk they always have hot scones and water and juice for everyone who participated. So here's a picture of us eating.

The day was HOT. We didn't need jackets at 7am and by the time Joel crossed it was nearing 100 degrees. All of the boys ran at a slower pace than they had planned but the heat sucked the energy right out of them. John crossed first and then Charles. Joel was next and ran a 4:28.26. He was happy but overheated. Kyle came in right after Joel. We have a communication system set up to make sure we don't miss any of the boys. JoEllen sits up 2 miles away on the diagonal and calls as soon as she see someone. Then Shayne plays with the High School band 1 mile away and she calls when they reach her. Then we know that in the next 10 minutes they'd be coming to us. It works out really well. As soon as Shayne can see Joel coming she gives her friends (Enrique and Cameron) her trombone and runs the rest of the way with him. The officials frown on it but because she had her Marathon Volunteer shirt on they let her run. She got a lot of running in that day.

After they all cross the finish line the runners get food, ice Popsicle, etc... The kids all love it because they all get a Popsicle. Here is a picture of all of us with ours.

The collage is stolen from Jillyn's blog. The picture's were taken up on the diagonal at Shana's parents house where JoEllen's station is.

It was a great marathon and we are all so proud of our men. I can't wait until next year!


R Clan said...

Good job guys! That is awesome!

JoEllen said...

I think you guys beat us in the Mayor's walk by about10 minutes!
and I love how you steal the pictures off of Jillyn's blog everytime!