Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is my nephew Sloan.

He and his Dad Steve were down here this week for the 4A Golf Tournament. Sloan was the ONLY kid from his High School (West Lake) to qualify to come to state and he is only a Sophmore!

The state championships where a little messed up this year thanks to Coral Canyon backing out at the last second. So 4A had to share SunBrook Golf Course with the 3A Championships. So, there were a lot of groups that didn't get to finish the first night and had to go back first thing in the morning to start up where they left off. Sloan's group was one of them.

Sloan was awesome to watch. The first day I took Ben with me to watch and after Sloan was done he gave Ben the ball he'd been using all day. Ben was in Heaven. He and Sloan are birthday buddies and he really looks up to Sloan. He was so excited and showed it to everyone when we got home.

Sloan ended up with an 88 after the first round. The second round was much better and he hit a 79 and was hurrying to finish before it was too dark. Overall Sloan took 4th in the singles category (High Schools that only had 1 kid). It was a new and fun experience for me. Until now I'd only ever went to a range to hit balls once and that was at Fiesta Fun, not even at a real course. I am really proud of how well Sloan did. He's an amazing kid.

p.s. My pictures turned out really good! I love the second one and the one of his feet watching the ball go in the hole.

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Sarah Miller said...

You have quite the talented family, not only your immediate (and awesome) family, but it looks as if it also reaches to your extended family. Looks like a fun time!