Monday, August 10, 2015

Washington County SUPER Fair!

The theme this year for the fair was Celebrating the Super Hero in all of us.  The logo stated that it would be "SUPER FUN" so we decided to go. As we walked into the fair grounds we saw this huge zip line and there were only a few people in line so David and Ben went over to get in line.  Joel went over with them, I thought just to keep an eye on them because he is afraid of heights and I thought wouldn't go down, but low and behold he went.  Cape and all!  It was awesome!

One of the main reasons we went to the fair was because they said that there would be a Kendama competition and Josh really wanted to see what nationally ranked pros would show up.  But when we showed up to the booth the lady in charge asked the boys if they wanted to enter into the contest.  It seems that it was just for whomever wanted to do it.  It wasn't a fancy contest where pros were invited.  So they said sure and jumped in.  Little did we know that her son was a pretty much a pro and that it was kinda rigged.  But they had fun anyway.

After that we walked around and found a guy doing a cool reptile show who had the oldest living snapping turtle in the world and another person that had a couple sugar gliders from Australia.  One really liked Josh.
On the way out we saw some people taking a picture with the Avengers!  
But more importantly...we got snowcones.

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