Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sun Devils Cedar Tournament Day 2

When we got to Gubler Park we found out that we were playing against the team that wanted Ben to play with them before he went with Lane and the Sun Devils.  So half of his friends were on the other team.  He was kind of sad but he did a stellar job of playing his best and keeping his head in the game.
 Here he is Daxton Carroll.  Daxton also does swim team with us.  He's a good kid.

Joel helped coach 1st base.  It was fun to watch.  One of the main reasons I fell in love with Joel was because he was out on the field...umping, coaching, playing.  I absolutely love seeing him out there with Ben.  I wish it happened more often.

 We went to Denny's afterward and Ben got a double cheeseburger.  When it came he was surprised and pleased with how big it was.  I told him that I'd be shocked if he could finish it, but he did just to show me.

He had an awesome game.  He hit 4 for 4 and had 0 errors.  He's by far the best kid on the team.  He was so full after that cheeseburger that he couldn't even touch his fries.  But he didn't throw up!

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