Monday, April 18, 2011

Kite Festival

Saturday morning I picked the little boys up from Jan's and took Josh to his 5th grade Bake Sale that I made this cute bunny cake and some bunny cupcakes for. The money goes to a scholarship fund that Burke Staheli gives to Seniors who are going to Dixie College and have graduated from Washington Elementary. It is an amazing program and this year they had 20 applicants so we were trying to raise more money for 2 more scholarships.
After that we had soccer games. Ben 10am, Sophie noon and Josh and George were at 2pm. While at the last game we got a call from Rogel's who where passing through town on there way back home from some Spring Break fun in the sun. When they got to our house we took all the kids, except Josh, Jake and George to the Kite Festival. Josh, Jake and George stayed at the Wells' with Kyle to help paint the tree house.
The kite festival is a big kite flying activity where the kids of all Washington County can take there 3 month reading calendar and get to pick a kite or book for free. It is a great way to keep track of how much your child reads and to get them to read. The kids had fun at the games they had and were able to get a couple little prizes. Then we walked around and looked at different booths and the kids got candy and otter pops. It's not a huge event but can be fun if you like to fly kites and there is enough wind to do it. Then we went back to my house and the Rogels went home. it was fun to see them since we will not be able to go up to Lehi for Easter and they weren't able to come down for the baptism.

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