Friday, April 8, 2011

Exec. Council!

Shayne decided to run for Exec Council for next year. So, the first step was to get 2 teacher references. She took one into the Principal, Mr. Mees, and he said that she was the first person to ever give one to him to fill out and would be happy to do it. The next thing was to come up with a Spirit Week agenda. So she planned a weeks worth of activities and based them all on getting to know other kids in other grades and unifying the students. I thought it was genius. Then the next thing was to make 10 posters and 2 banners to hang up in the halls this past Monday morning. So, she instantly asked James and Jason if they could help her out. They came to her track meet at Desert Hills and planned when and what. Then Sunday night they came over and busted them all out. They were awesome and saved us a ton of time. It's amazing how James' mind eye can see things that we couldn't even imagine. When Shayne and I do a poster we have to prewrite everything in pencil to make sure it fits and stays straight. It takes forever and we are not creative. We would have just written it plain and simple and that's how they would have looked. She also wrote on her car windows. Here are some pics:

The 2 banners turned out awesome. Top 10 reasons to vote for Shayne and top top 10 reasons to vote Beckstrand.

1. Reads Mark Twain
2. Won't complain
3. Grandma's name is Elaine
4. Is not insane
5. Loves to entertain
6. Likes to go down memory lane
7. Great Grandpa flew Lindberghs plane
8. Will refrain from being profane
9. Won't give you a migraine
10. Hope you like this campaign

1. Loves Disneyland
2. Can do a handstand
3. Sometimes wears a headband
4. Likes to build castles in the sand
5. Wishes she owned a hotdog stand
6. In the summer gets suntanned
7. Can play a baby grand
8. Can shoot a rubber band
9. Bike has a kickstand
10. Will completely understand

It was really fun to help her put them up in the High School.

Wednesday she had and interview with the 2 advisers over Student government, the current Student Body President and our athletic director who is like the vice principal. They asked her all sorts of questions and told her that she did a great job. Afterwords, Shayne went to Seminary which she has with the student body president and he told her that she rocked her interview. So she was really happy.
Then today was the final thing. The assembly! She had to prepare a 2 minute talk to give to the entire student body. We weren't really sure what to do so we kept with the rhyming theme. But changed it a little like in the movie Private Eyes with Don Knotts and Tim Conway. If you haven't seen it then you are missing out. Here is her talk:

As you can tell from my posters, I like to rhyme,
I think it’s fun and you should try it some time.
I’m running for Exec Council because I love this school,
We all know that the students here are really awesome.

The unity and support that we give to each other,
Make us feel like a sister or brother.
Our classes are great and with a backpack,
We will learn and achieve cuz we’re on the right trail.

Our football team is so strong,
All that muscle just can’t be wrong.
Our basketball players are tall and lean,
Plus they’re so nice they’d never be rude.

Our golf and tennis could never be better,
And the swim team is wet and couldn’t get wetter.
Our cross country and track are number one,
No matter how fast they can’t be out raced.

And when it comes to giving us school spirit,
Dance and cheer are the ones to do it.
Our soccer team is top class,
They love to go and kick some butt.

Our wrestlers can rule on the mat,
They can lay there opponent out flat.
Baseball and softball just can’t be outdone,
I love when they hit a ball over the fence.

Band, choir, and orchestra bring music down the hall,
Our drama department has a great curtain call.
Pine View High School has great unity,
Join any club and you will find out.

Next year will be amazing just wait and see,
Don’t forget to vote for me!
Shayne is my name and I don’t mean to gloat,
But I’ll do a great job just cast your ballot.

Vote for me and we’ll have a great time.
And now sadly I’ve come to the end of my rhyme.

Right after the assembly they were allowed to vote. They have all of today to vote then the posters come down and they find out on Monday who won what.
I say who won what because it isn't all about votes.
50% in votes
25% interview and references
25% Spirit week assignment

The person with the highest accumulative points is the president. 2nd is Vice and so on. I do think that the final decision is up the the advisers.

So Monday we will find out what happens. She'd love to be president but just being involved would be fun.


Ashley said...

She's perfect for the job! I love the posters and everything, I would totally vote for her!!

Sarah Miller said...

Very clever and well done!! I think Shayne would do an excellent job!

katie said...

that is great! what a good idea:)

R Clan said...

This is so awesome! You guys did a great job.