Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joel's 41st b-day!

Joel's birthday was spent traveling to Phoenix. We had his birthday dinner at Arby's with the kids around 8pm and went back to crash at our hotel. His idea of spending his birthday in a hotel room does not include his 4 youngest kids but this year it did. Joel is the most amazing person I know. He works hard and wishes he had more time to play hard. His children adore him and so do his co-workers. He is dependable to a fault. Never says no and always has a smile and kiss for me when he gets home. I am truly blessed for having nailed him down and had him sealed to me forever so he can't get rid of me. I love you Joel! Happy Birthday!

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katie said...

Happy Birthday to Joel!! That is awesome about Erick. What an awesome way to spend Easter!!