Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Course Kick-off

Shayne's 1st meet of the Long Course season was at SUU this past Friday and Saturday. We were there from 3-10:30pm and then came home and ran back up the next morning at 7am. This meet is put on by us, SUSA, for anyone who wants to come. So, we had South Davis, Clearfield, American Fork, Vegas Storm and a couple others that I can't remember right now. This is our Easter Meet. We pass out Easter eggs to all those who win there heat and have an Easter Egg Hunt in the pool for the swimmers and one out side for all the siblings who don't swim. It is always so much fun. It was just really long and we didn't even stay the whole time. Saturday had a morning meet from 8-1pm and then a afternoon meet from 3-8pm. We didn't stay for the afternoon one because one of Shayne's friends, Alex Jones, was getting baptized at 4pm. Alex is one of the kids that Shayne used to eat lunch with everyday and talk about religion. He said that Sunday Night football was his religion. But since then has had a lot of righteous influences in his life and got interested. Shayne said that there were so many kids from Pine View High there that they had to add extra seats. AWESOME!!

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