Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

On Thursday our Young Women's Presidency (Stefanie Turek, Sarah DeMille and I) went up to Salt Lake to the Young Women Leadership Conference. We left at 5am and got back at 7pm. It was really fun and a great bonding experience. We were able to listen to the wonderful Young Women Leaders of our Church and learn better ways to serve the youth of our ward. After it was over we went to the LDS Distribution Center where I was able to buy a set of scriptures for Eric. The sun was out and it was a beautiful spring day.

Yesterday and today I was able to listen to the 181st annual LDS conference. I LOVE Conference! It is always an incredible thing to be able to sit and listen to the Prophet and the leaders of our church. It is a humbling and spiritual thing to know how much the Lord loves us and cares for each of us. These wonderful leaders are truly inspired by Lord to let us know exactly what we need to hear to make us better people. This time there were a lot of talks on helping others and of course on the importance of families.

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