Wednesday, May 28, 2014

David's Birthday

David turned 8!  Yep that means a baptism is coming up.  It also means he gets a birthday party.  We don't do birthday parties except for important birthdays like 8, 12, 16 and 18.  So David invited all of the boys in his church class and Kai, Luke and the only girl his age Mary to come over to the church for a "Ball" themed party.  We played kickball, baseball, basketball and the funnest of all...dodgeball!  It was really fun.  That morning David got 6 new dodgeballs from Josh, baseball plates, bat and ball from Ben and a new big bouncy ball from me.  He also got he own scriptures from Dad.

He got lots of fun stuff from his friends.

 Bring on the DOGDEBALL!

At first the kids played against the kids until we decided to do Joel, Ray, Ben and Sophie against the little kids.  That only lasted one game because Brian showed back up and we played Dad's against kids and the kids LOVED it!  The dad's had to throw left handed.  

Ray, Brain and Joel against 15 kids.

Good catch!

At the end Josh showed up and played on the dad's team for a couple games.  One the last game it was Josh against the little kids and the little kids won!  They all had a great time. 

 Right after the party we went home, jumped in the van and drove up to Lehi to talk to Shayne for Mother's Day.  While we were up there we had cake and ice cream with all the Shelton cousins.  Happy Birthday!

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