Thursday, May 1, 2014


We decided to go up to Lehi for Easter this year and go to the Zoo on Friday since we hadn't been in about 4 years.  It was a perfect day, about 65 degrees and the animals were all out and about and enjoying the day.  Paula and Tyler ditched school and came with us and JoEllen.  It was a lot of fun.  We first ran into a gorgeous peacock strutting around showing off.  His colors were beautiful.


Then we headed over to the Elephants and in the water below a little family of Geese went swimming across and waddled out and took a stroll over into the bushes.  The term ugly duckling made a lot of sense when you saw these little geese.  They were really ugly compared to their parents. 
The baby elephant, Zuri, is now 5 years old and is getting  bigger.  I remember when she was born.  Back then one of the zookeepers said how happy they were to have her because all of the other babies grow up in a matter of months and elephants get to stay babies for much longer.  She's a cutie.

The Rihno's were having fun.  It was feeding time and they were wandering all around.  There is a window down on ground level were you can go look at them closer up and Tyler and Ben got a good show.



 Next were the monkeys.  It was like they were looking in a mirror.


Then we went over to see the Eagles and learn that the two Eagles that they have there both only have one wing.  They were found injured and nursed back to health but had to loose a wing in order to survive. 

Next we saw the river Otters and Sophie told us an interesting fact that she had learned in school:  When sleeping, Otters hold hands as to not drift away from each other.  Cute huh?

After that we were right in time for the Seal and Sea Lion show.  It was really cool to watch because the vet came out and checked them out at the same time and actually gave one of them a shot while it was holding still for a trick, waiting to get a reward. 

This guy was really good.  He'd do flips, speak, give high 5's and wave to the crowd.  It was really neat.

Then we wandered over to see the bears wrestling with each other.  Naturally we said that they were boys.

Then a third bear wandered over to say hi to us.  He had been watching his brothers fight and stayed out of it.  He had a great mowhawk going right down his spine.
The kids loved it.

 We had just missed the Tiger getting out of the water from taking a good swim.  He walked around for a little bit then laid down to rest.


Here's the Cheetah.  Another gorgeous creature.


 Here is my favorite picture of the day.  I took this with my phone and it is kinda blurry being blown up this big but to capture a wild creature like this on film is a hard and almost impossible thing to do. :)
Paula, JoEllen and I had sent Joel and the kids into the smelly reptile house and told them they had 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, Paula took a seat while JoEllen tried to teach me how to use Instagram.  I was very proud of myself because this was one of my best Instagram pictures intitled "Parking at the Zoo".

 The last but not least we went to the ape house.  Always fun.  And these pictures are a MUST.

 This guy was the only one awake so it was kinda a bust but it was still fun.  The little kids wanted to know what was wrong with it's face.  I said he looked like Ludo from the movie The Labyrinth.
Last group pictures.  What a bunch of wild animals!

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