Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cinco de Mayo on May 3rd

After the Ironman dinner we went over to Jillyn's for a Cinco de Mayo celebration that Laurie and James were doing.  It was awesome!  James had pinata that the kids loved.  Spencer loved to hold the pinata and swing it so that it hit right into the kid that was trying to hit it. Sophie was the good little helper that she always is.


Shana was having a great time on this bouncy thing.  It's like a pogo stick without the stick.  Kyle was at the party but just sitting down enjoying the show.  He was still pretty pooped but doing 80% better that earlier.  We absolutely LOVE to spend time with the Wells clan.  The kids too.  David asks all the time when the next time he gets to hang out with Jack is.  Spencer and Shana are going to Hawaii to visit JoEllen and Kyle.  I wish we could stow away in their bags.

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Jillyn said...

That was a fun activity. Wasn't sure the Ironmen would be able to join us but that's what makes them "Iron"....they can carry on when the race is over. Fun to have you guys over. We'll have to make it a tradition.