Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cotton Days 5K

It was a dark and stormy morning.  The race started at 7am and runs right past our house, which I love.  Joel and the boys were signed up.  So, Sophie and I got wrapped up in our blankets and grabbed a chair and umbrella and went outside to cheer them on.  The pictures I got were horrible.  My camera only takes great pictures in the sun.  All of my pictures of Ben's baseball that are at his night games under the lights never work out.  I would like a nice camera but that's not in the plan right now.  So, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  (I use that saying a lot around our house.)

This is John and someone else.  They were the first people to pass.

The one above, believe it or not, is Logan Scoresby.  He was the next person to pass us.  He's pretty fast.  And this one right here in black is my friend Shawn Jaca.  He was doing really well too.  Shawn had only decided to start running about 6 months prior to this and he did the Shac Tri too.

  Here are Josh and David.  They were both doing great.  Josh was right after Shawn and David was a couple minutes later.  But I was surprised to see David all by himself.  Usually Ben is by himself and Joel is running with David to help him. 
A couple minutes later these two came running up.  I was surprised.  When they got home I asked how far David beat them by and Joel said that down 3 more blocks David was barely running.  He had to use the bathroom so bad that he didn't dare move.  He wanted to run in our house to pee but was afraid he couldn't and that it would ruin his time because he was doing so well.  So, Joel ran him up to the Robinson's house so the didn't have an accident and so that the three of them could finish the race together.  David was mad at his time and vowed to beat Ben at the next race.

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