Sunday, June 8, 2014

David's baptism. It's great to be 8!

We had a great time having David baptized.  Even if it was a week before I was told originally and was only given 5 days to throw an invitation together.  Thank goodness David wanted to go to Golden Corral for dinner afterwards because I don't think I could have put together a family dinner without killing our bishop first.  The bishop is happy too.  Jalee is out family photographer and is 8 months pregnant and like me thought she had an extra week to do a photo shoot.  So on Memorial Day while she was home having contractions I took my little camera and David, went and bought him a tie (thought I had 2 weeks to get that done too) and took him all over to try to get at least 3 good pictures of him.  Here is what we ended with.

When you are from Washington you have to show it.  This is actually one of my favorite pictures.

Then David realized that we had forgotten a Book of Mormon and knew that baptism pictures could NOT be taken without one of those.  So we ran home grabbed one and headed to the temple.  I guess he'd never seen the gazebo in the corner before because he thought is was great.  It was where Joel tried to propose to me but another couple came over and sat down by us. 

Next we headed to the lawn, the spot where I was actually proposed to, and took some cute pictures there except a wedding was just letting out so we tried to not get the people in the shots and hurried on to try to stay ahead of the wedding photographer.  It was a really overcast day and in some of the pictures the temple didn't even show up.

 He wanted one funny one so I told him he could do whatever he wanted.  This is what he chose.  Holding up the temple.

 This one on the stairs is his favorite.  I love the close up one.  He was getting tired and hungry and ticked at the people not behaving on the temple grounds. 

 Our last shots.  At this point he didn't even want to hold the Book of Mormon anymore. 

But he was strutting his stuff on the way out.  He looked like a little man in his suit.

So I hurried home and between the two of us we picked our favorite pictures and threw an invitation together at Walmart's 1-hour photo and put it in the mail that day.  The problem was that it was Memorial Day and no mail went out.  SO, one more day later.  One more day less notice for everyone.  Sorry.

A couple days later Jalee was feeling better so she was able to hang her background and do David's photo shoot for the portrait that hangs on the wall in our house.  As you walk in our house there is an 11x14 of each kid when they where eight in their baptism dress or suit.  Being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a very important decision in a young kids life.  My mom waited until she was 9 because she wanted to make sure it was what she really wanted to do.  I am so proud of David and the choice he made.  He is a great kid.


Baptism day!  We got there a little early not knowing how many kids where going to be baptized in the stake that night. Luckily it was just David and his friend from the 8th ward.  Jan and Andy's old ward.  They are the other ward that attends and shares the stake center with us on Sundays.  Here is getting fitted for a jumpsuit and off they go to get changed.

 Here is a picture after He was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hugging his Grandpa Beckstrand.  We had Joel, both Grandpa's, Steve & Sloan, Jared & Jacob and John in the circle.  It's so wonderful to have such great priesthood holders in the family.

Sister Grant, our Primary President, gave David a poster with his Gospel Standards on it.  They are guidelines to a happy life and a way to live to get back to out Heavenly Father.  Then Joel said a few more things as bishop and cried like the amazing person that he is, who always has the spirit right there with him and isn't afraid to show it. 

 We had incredible support from friends and family.  Kalo came and Brought Lina and Sua.  Eric and Courtney came.  And by the picture you can see that John and Alex did too.  All the local Beckstrands came except Jennifer wasn't feeling well and Pat and Brian had to work.  We love them all for always being there for us.  The Cluffs, Millers, Scotts, Owens, Sister Grant & Seegmiller, Brother and Sister Bell, The Gummows, Meachams, Miles Gilmore and his teachers from school Mrs, Wood and Mrs. Baker were all there too.  It was awesome.

 Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand.  James is a stud!  Look at these two.  Gorgeous!  We're so glad you came James.  I love that picture!

 Sophie wanted to get a picture at the church but David wanted to hurry and change so he could eat.  Cute.
 We were so blessed to have so many people love and support us.  Steve and Juanelle and their entire family were there.  It's hard to get grown up kids together for things and Ashley, Bradie and Sloan where all there.  It meant a lot to us.  Thanks guys.  At Golden Corral we had Jared, Angey, Jacob, Ashley, James and Mom & Dad eat with us too.  It was really nice to be all together.  We appreciate and love you all.

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