Sunday, June 22, 2014

My birthday surprise!

For the last 20+ years if I wanted a birthday cake I either made it myself or bought it.  I think that is the norm for all mom's.  But this year after church, as I was baking my cake, all of our friends came walking in the door out of nowhere.  I was glad to see them because I always am but wished I would have at least changed out of my pajamas.  I had no idea what they were doing until Sarah pulled out this huge cake and they asked where the candles where.  I was shocked.  Even when you make/buy your own cake you don't put your own candles on them, light them and sing to yourself.  So it had been quite a long time since that had happened.  I was very grateful.

The cake was delicious!
 Sophie and Sarah had the Guinea Pig and Cat out for the twins to play with. 

 The Josh's.  One kept on pushing the other over on the banana chair and he couldn't get up.  It was hilarious.

The next day at work my co-workers surprised me with some gifts and an ice cream cake.  It was really nice.

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