Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Soccer Season was a couple months ago and I am just getting to posting it.  Yikes.  Better late than never.

Super fans on the sidelines of every game.

Here's Owen kicking in one of our many overtime shootouts.

Here's David kicking in one of the shootouts.

David was the goalie for the first half of every game and the goalie for every shootout.  He did a great job!

These next pictures Jalee took with her amazing camera, not just from the sidelines, but from HER CHAIR from the SIDELINES!  I had to run up and down the field like a crazy woman the entire time to get the ones I got.  Thank goodness she's my friend.  Look at his face.  I call it the Beckstrand face of determination.  If you click on the picture you can see it bigger.

This one is funny because Jalee said that she was really taking it of Owen but then he fell down.

David is definitely one of the fastest kids on his team.

Their team took 2nd place overall.  It was a really fun season with his two best friends!

Ben's team was made up of mainly Coral Canyon kid and Ben, Nick and Colby Schimbeck.  Ben scored almost every game and so did David.  I would have to say that out of all three of my boys David scored the most.  Ben scored almost every game and Josh scored every other game.  All of them are awesome soccer players. 

Colby was our goal keeper for the first half of every game and a defender the other half and nothing ever got past him.

Nick played every position and played them all well.

This is Ben against Preston Robinson.  They were a hard team.  But we won.  In fact our team won every time.  We took first place and a couple weeks after the season was over their coach had a swim party and gave them their plaques that the city made for them.  It was really cool.

Josh had our usual team of misfits.  the only difference is that they are all grown up now.  The same group of kids that went a whole season and finally scored their first goal in their last game came so close to winning the entire season this year.  They were in the playoffs and lost by 1 goal in the final 2 minutes.  It was sad and happy at the same time.  They've come a long way.  I wish I would have taken more pictures.

Here is one of Josh's goals!

Fancy knee work.

The start of a round house?

When we went up to Lehi for Mother's Day we were able to see Jake's championship game.

One of the funniest parts is when the ball went out of bounds by Paula and she tried to kick it back in.  She's never been that good at soccer.  But she could kick really high in drill team!

Abby had to work but Katie and Sophie looked so cute so I told them to get together for a picture.  But it was photobombed.

So we tried again but Grandma wanted to get in the act too.

So we took more pictures of Jake.

Then as we were leaving and I thought it was safe I told them to hurry and we'd take another one.

It almost worked.

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