Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little League and City League

This was our first season doing Little League.  Ben played Triple A on the Royals team.  Lane Shepherd was his coach and also works at Red Rock Canyon School with Joel.  Ben didn't know a single player on the team and ended up with 10 new friends.

This was opening ceremonies.  We had no idea what we were getting into.

Ben's love is pitching.  He is really good at it but there is a kid named Jack Smart who is an excellent pitcher and catcher.  So Ben didn't get to pitch as much as he wanted to.  He was their closer.  They won a lot of games because of him. 

After 2 games the assistant coach brought new jerseys.  They were camouflaged and they were awesome.  They only got to wear them if they won the game before.  Needless to say they never went back to the blue shirts.

He was schooled in the fine art of stealing.

Getting ready to steal home.
This is my favorite picture of my pitcher.

Our team came in 2nd place and they were a little disappointed but were glad that they had so much fun.

This was closing ceremony. 

Lots of fun with lots of new friends.


David played City league and was by far the MVP of his team.  He hit 10 homeruns this season and missed a couple of games.  They were real homeruns too not the last batter gets to run all the way around kind.  He always batted 4th or 5th in the line up.  It was great.  Whenever he got up to bat, he'd put his hat on backwards and nail it all the way to the fence. 

The 3rd base coach had a fun time doing the "GO" sign as David would round 2nd on his way to 3rd.  He's pretty fast too so he always caught up to the kid in front of him but tried to not pass him.

He also wanted to pitch but at this age they still are coach pitch.  So, he was catcher and 1st base too.  He liked catcher because he could get a lot of kids out by grabbing the ball and touching his base.  He wasn't so happy about 1st because everyone threw it over his head and he couldn't get anyone out. 

He had Taiven on his team and the two of them were having a homerun contest all season long.   David won by 3.  Those two kids are going to be great athletes at Pine View.  It'll be fun to watch.  But next year they are going to do Little League.  It'll be fun.  Maybe Joel can coach them.  I love baseball.  I love to watch it.  I love to cheer at it.  I love the people who turn up to support it.  It's a sport that I could watch anytime.  I'm excited for next season already!

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