Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things I hate and Things I love.

I hate other peoples change.  I like when things change for me and my family.  But I hate when something changes in someone else's life and it takes them away from me.  For example... I LOVE that Jandy has left Tuacahn and got away from the poison that was killing them.  BUT, I hate that they had to move back up north and that I won't have instant access to them at any given moment.

While helping them pack up I found/stole 3 of my favorite things.  Things I LOVE!:

Little pink salt and pepper shakers - Tupperware!

 And Tupperware's Red Silicone Spatula!!!!

These are a few of my favorite things...I can hear Julie Andrews singing right now!  I can't tell you how these 3 little things made my heart soar!  I have red midgets but to own a YELLOW one is amazing!  It is mine and mine alone.  I keep it in my purse and refuse to lend it to anyone.  I have other red ones they can borrow if they want but touch my yellow one and DIE!  The little pink salt and pepper shakers I've wanted forever but didn't see the way to rationalize paying $15 bucks for them.  And a Silicon Spatula from Tupperware is a HUGE gift.  They are also $15 and are SUPER heat resistant.  They never melt or peel!  These 3 little things made having Jandy move a tiny bit easier.  We will forever be blessed to have had them so close for as long as we did.  But we now realize that the family up north need them more than we do right now.  How can you not LOVE these two? 

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Ashley said...

I'm sad JAndy is moving up north too, now they're even farther away from us! Boo! Also, help me understand the excitement over the yellow midgets? I mean, I'm a believer in tupperware, but what am I missing?