Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bryce Canyon 1/2

Bryce Canyon!!!!  The Beauty and the Beast (13.1 miles!)

 Every year for the last 6 years we have gone to Bryce Canyon in the middle of July so Joel can run the 1/2 marathon.  It started out being something Charles did and then everyone else tagged along.  This year Joel, Kyle,

 Mandy and her girlfriends, Brian, John and Kristal,
 Bishop Feltner, Dale and Jolene Ipson,
 Ben and Chelsi Kroff and probably 15 other people I know ran it.  It is 13.1 miles of straight down.  It can be brutal on your knees (or so I've heard).  Paula and JoEllen have both ran it and I have no desire what so ever to do it.  Maybe some year I'll run the 5K that goes along with it but in all honestly probably not.

The run isn't all that we come for.  We come for Tipi #6 that we sleep in EVERY single time.
 And the "world" a the park in Cannonville.

  I think it's the only "world" left in the world.  This year it did not dissapoint.  Watch this:
Then we all head back up to Ruby's Inn to walk around the little shops and find the best souvenir and take crazy pictures that are the same every year.
We also come for the great company.  These are memories our kids will remember forever with their cousins.  Next year we plan on staying longer and doing some hikin'.  If you want to see some incredible pictures of this weekend then go here: Wells Family.    It was a rainy weekend but we loved it.  The change from a dry hot spell where we reached 112 one day to a cool rainy day was in deed a welcome one.  Before we left we made sure to reserve our Tipi for next year!

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JoEllen said...

You got all the great traditional ones of te kids, very very cute.