Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beckstrand Family Reunion

We had so much fun at our Beckstrand Family reunion this year. It was up at Duck Creek and was so relaxing.  The morning we were all headed up we heard there was a fire up there but luckily it wasn't headed our direction and the wind blew north the enitr4e time so we didn't get any ash or even smell the smoke.  We went up July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and came back down to St. George to see the amazing fireworks in the SunBowl.  It was a great holiday.  On the 3rd, Joel and I had to leave to go back home so he could conduct a funeral for a lady in our ward but then we were able to pick up Shayne (who had to work the day before) and bring her back up to the rest of the reunion.  It was great for her to see her Johnson cousins that she wishes she could see more often.  We fished, hiked up to a waterfall, climbed down into an ice cave and, of course, we did the Eskimo Blanket.  A family favorite.  Another great memory that will last forever!

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