Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cactus

For as long as I can remember my Mom has had a Christmas Cactus. If you've never seen one they are a regular cactus that blooms at Christmas and Easter. It should be called a Christian Cactus. Most of them are red or white and occasionally you'll find a pink one.

7 years ago my parents gave us a Christmas Cactus as a house warming gift when we moved out to Hurricane. It was gorgeous! It had bright pink flowers and always had a million blooms. I would call my mom every Christmas and brag about how gorgeous it was. When we moved into our house in Washington 2 years ago it decided not to like the new place. In our other house it had the perfect window to get sun from. This house is turned differently and has 3 huge trees that block the sunlight. So my beautiful Cactus hasn't bloomed since we've lived here. So, before we went up north for Thanksgiving I put it outside to get some sun and then accidentally forgot about it and it actually froze down here in southern Utah and killed my cactus. It was so sad.

So the other day when I was in Lowe's I saw this cute little red and white cactus looking up at me just begging me to take it home. So here it is in my kitchen with a ton of blooms. I hope it likes it here and I hope I can keep this one alive.

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