Monday, December 20, 2010

Annual Aunt Jan Christmas Cookie Party!

There are 2 things that the kids gauge how close Christmas is:
#1 Aunt Jan's Halloween Doughnut Party
#2 Aunt Jan's Christmas Cookie Party

The doughnut party is the welcome party to the Christmas season. The kids know that Christmas is right around the corner. But the Cookie Party means that we are within a week of Christmas and that they need to be extra good. It also means that Mom needs extra insulin to combat the sugar intake because she has no self control. I dare anyone to go to a cookie party of Jan's that has 500 thick, soft, sugar cookies in 20 different shapes with 20 different colors of her famous buttercream frosting in decorating bags and tips to make any design and 20 different sprinkles and candies to decorate with and not eat one. It's impossible! Shayne brought her best friend Kyson Sullivan to the party this year. They made a plate full of cookies for his family and then ate themselves into a sugar coma. JoEllen tends to decorate the best cookies but mine are all about the flavor. The Chocolate Santa is for Eric. It's hard for me to recall when this tradition started because I don't remember not doing it. I remember her doing it up in Lehi with our family up there and feeling sorry for myself because we couldn't be there. But now I have her here. YEAH!!!! Sorry Northern Shelton's. But you had her long enough. This tradition must cost her a fortune in time and money but she never complains and we love her for doing it!


Gough Clan said...

How stinkin' fun. What an AWESOME sister.

Ashley said...

Why?! Why do we have to live 6 hours away!? I can't wait to take part in this tradition!