Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally! The Christams Spirit has arrived!

I don't know what the problem was this year because I was ready early for Christmas like usual. Decorations up, neighbor gifts had been passed out, cards sent, but still no true spirit. The one radio that was playing Christmas music was already starting to wear on me. What was the deal! I just couldn't find the true spirit of Christmas. Until...this morning. A couple of weeks ago I heard on the radio how our local Big O Tires was giving out 12 $500 gift certificates for services or new tires and I knew that Patty LaForge's (Dausi's Mom) car had been breaking down all of the time. So I wrote them a short email and asked them to consider her. Well on Wednesday I got a call from the radio stations producer and he was asking me if they could surprise Patty Friday morning live on the radio. I was stoked! So last night I told her that a guy in our ward was coming over to take a look at her car to see what he could do. At 8:30 this morning I went over to her house and visited with her until they came. It was AWESOME! It couldn't have gone any better. She was totally shocked and when that wore off she was just giddy. Right at that moment I was filled with the Christmas spirit. The true meaning of the season. To remember Christ's birth and to serve others as he did. It wasn't a have to moment. Kinda like neighbor gifts you feel like if you don't do it then people will think you're a scrooge. This was just plain fun! The sheer joy on her face was just what we both needed. Dausi is going to spend the holidays with Patty's Mom in California while Patty stays here and works and I knew Patty was not looking forward to spending this time alone. I hope that helped relieve some stress for her and helps her get into the Christmas spirit. I helped Dausi buy some clothes for her Mom to leave under the tree so she's have something to open on Christmas Day. I also know that Santa will visit them to help them out more because they have been struggling financially and have also been very good. Everyone needs to a truly kind act of service this year. Not one out of obligation, but just for the pure joy of it. It is a wonderful way to put you in the Christmas mood. I am so grateful I had that opportunity to help them out. It was a very needed blessing for me too.

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Ashley said...

Penny, you're a saint. Sometimes we get caught up in the all things that we don't have that we don't think of giving to others. I'm going to look for more ways to give or serve this year. Thanks for reminding me of the true spirit of Christmas!