Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sophie's Hair

Another blog about hair. This time there are bangs involved! Oooooh.

We decided to change Sophie's hair and cut some bangs and about 5 inches off the back just for something new. I think it looks great. We did it the night before Christmas Eve and when we went over to Mike and Elaine's for Christmas Eve Elaine didn't recognize her and thought she was someone else. It was pretty funny. Then for Christmas we got some Curlformers and tried them out. They worked great! Here are pictures of Sophie but we even used them for Shayne and all of her hair was curly! That's a little miracle because she has a TON of hair just like JoEllen. (My hands cramp up when I braid their hair it's so thick.) The curl even stayed and it was so cute. The curlers didn't hurt their head at night and they made gorgeous smooth curls. My Dad always loved ringlets and now they are making a comeback. He'll be so happy.


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Cute Soph! I love the bangs!