Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Parties!

Party #1 was our Ward Breakfast Christmas party. It is so great every year. I love that it is in the morning. The nights this month are always full of concerts, work parties and other family activities so a breakfast works great for us. We always have some entertainment from ward members and our very own Santa comes to visit and takes pictures with the kids. He lives in our ward and whenever David sees him at church he says, "look Mom, there's Santa!" It's fun.

Party #2 was my work party out at Tuacahn. It was wonderful food and we always play Tuacahn Christmas Bingo. The prizes are great and the people are amazing.

Party #3 was the next night at the Abby Inn for the BLVD Christmas Party. Once again great food and having so much time with Joel this week was the greatest Christmas present ever.

Today Joel went up to the Jazz game with a friend of his who got free tickets. So they drove straight up and will drive straight back. And Shayne left this morning on the bus to go to 2 swim meets up north. So, that leaves me and the 3 younger ones who are going to a special "Breakfast with Santa" in the morning that the city is doing at the rec. center. Same Santa.:)

This is a fun time of year and the spirit of peace is so strong. I remember my Dad asking me when I was a teenager why Paula and I can't get along all year long like we did during Christmas. It's just something in the air I guess but we should really try hard to keep the spirit all year long and remember the reason why we celebrate.

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katie said...

FUN TIMES!! We loved getting your card, great picture!!