Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookie Party 09!

Every year Jan has a family sugar cookie party. She bakes about 500 cookies, makes 15 bags of colorful homemade frosting and brings 20 different candies to decorate with. It costs her a fortune but is one of the things that my family looks forward to every year. In fact, Shayne was asked out on a date that night and she told him that he'd have to come to the cookie party because she wasn't going to miss it. So, the guy in the picture is Austin Ipson, Shayne's date. JoEllen is always super fancy with the frosting and I always just load it on and eat it. I don't like to put candy on them. The frosting is so good it stands alone. My blood sugar by the end of the night was terrible but the cookies where well worth it. We brought home about 5 dozen and they where all gone in 2 days! Thanks Jan!!!
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