Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prom Do?

What do you think Shayne's hair should look like for Prom. Here are your choices:

#1 Rosettes
#2 Knotty
#3 Braided Headband
#4 Sectioned & Twisted
#5 Twisted headband with messy bun
#6 French Twist
#7 Upside Down French Braid

Remember that these are just trial runs and the real thing will look much better. We'll also throw a couple flowers or some bling of some kind to make it look fancy. Let us know what you think.


R Clan said...

Oh...that's a tough one. I do like the messy bun. But the ones you have up are all so cute. She is just so beautiful.

katie said...

I like the upside down french braid, that is really pretty and neat! Did you do all of those, if so you way talented!

kristalbeckstrand said...

I vote for the upside down french braid

Angi said...

I like the section and twisted. I can see that with little pearls or diamonds wher the elastics are...

Ellen said...

I like the sectioned and twisted with bling and I showed it to Austin's Aunt Vicki (who works with me) and she liked that one, too.