Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ben's B-day

The 10th was Ben's 6th birthday! He got a lot of fun little things from his siblings and a big teddy bear from us. But his favorite thing was that we took George, Emily, Evan, Taye and Kai to PIRATE ISLAND PIZZA! It's kind of like a Chuck-e-cheese I guess. It is a pirate themed restaurant with games you can do for tickets and then you can get some little dollar prize for the $20 you spent on tokens. Anyway, he loved it. We ordered a "Cracken" pizza. It was HUGE! Here are some pictures of the kids trying to eat it. Brad was in town this week so we took him with us. It was a lot of fun but one of those things that you can only do once a year because of the price. Happy Birthday Ben!

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