Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Henry's Blessing

On Friday I got a picture sent to me from Ashley with my Mom holding Henry.  I was shocked that they were in California and didn't stopped when they went through here so I hurried and asked Ashley if they drove or flew.  She said flew.  I was glad to hear that.  Then I got this great picture of my Dad holding Henry.  It's awesome.  The next morning I asked JoEllen if she had seen them and she said, "Yeah, Mom said as soon as he was born that she was going to fly there for his blessing."  I said, "What?!  He's getting blessed tomorrow?  Why didn't anyone tell me!  We need to go!"  So after a couple minutes of talking about it we, JoEllen & Kyle and Joel & I decided to leave at 3am and drive there in time for the 9am blessing.  It was so much fun and we were so lucky to have gone.  When we got about a half an hour away JoEllen  called mom and dad and asked them what hotel they were in and what room so we could come get them and take them to the church.  They were surprised to hear that we had come and were happy to see us when we got there.  JoEllen called Brad and woke him up to tell him that he didn't need to pick them up because we were getting them.  JoEllen said that she couldn't tell if he was excited or not and he asked how many there was of us because he was worried if they had enough food for lunch.  But later at the church he was very happy to see us and when they all got up to stand in the circle to bless Henry I was SUPER glad we came because the only people up there were Brad, Dad, Mark -Ashley's Dad, Joel and Kyle.  We are use to seeing a dozen or more people in the circle here in Utah.  I was so glad we came.  After the amazing blessing Brad gave him he handed Henry down to us and we all took turns holding him.  He was so good.  He never cried or fussed.  He was good as gold.  He definitely looks like a Bundy/Potter.  Brad wants him to look like him but he is such a fair skin, hair and eyed baby that has a cute little turned up nose just like his Aunt Missy -Ashley's sister and he also had Ashley's dimple in her chin.  He's darling.

This is back at Brad and Ashley's afterwards for lunch.  Ashley's sister Akaleah was in town from Germany.  It was really neat for Ashley to have both her, Missy and her parents all there.


 After lunch we had a couple hours to kill before we drove back home so we went over to Downtown Disney to check out the shops and eat some beignets.

  Without the kids with us we were able to go pass the Lego store and into the stores that we hadn't ever gone into like the art studio.  It was full of Disney art in different styles. It was really cool to see.

As we walked down the street we saw a huge wall of windows where a couple people were making caramel apples.  It was AWESOME!!!  JoEllen and I had to have one of the Minnie Mouse apples that the lady was making.  When we went into the store they were completely out of them so the lady went back in the room where they were making them and got some for us!  It was so cool.  

I think this would be the best job ever but Brad says that they hate it because everyone stops to watch them.  I'd love it!  When I retire I want to do this all day.

These were our only souvenirs.  We had them for FHE treat the next night.  They kids loved them.  I can't wait to go back and get more!  Can you find the hidden Mickey in the bag?  Hint...It's part of the M and C.

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Ashley said...

I'm so glad you guys came too! I love the close-up pictures you took of Henry! So cute!