Thursday, May 28, 2009

Falling Apart

I turned 37 and fell apart. I went to my Dr. on my regular yearly check-up. Nothing wrong, just needed to be done and I needed my diabetes medication renewed. So, while I was there I did mention to my Dr. that I work out 5 times a week and have gained 20 pounds over the last couple of months. And that after I work out I am so tired that I usually crash on the couch for an hour. I thought I just was working out super hard to try to get rid of that 20 pounds but no. He tested my thyroid and sure enough it had pretty much stopped working. I also have hypothyriodism. Yeah! Not much more can stop working before I stop working. My body isn't liking the medication he put me on. I hope it gets used to it soon. My stomach is in knots and I get winded going up and down my 6 stairs. I feel really bad for Joel because his family lives to be 100. I hope I make it to see all my kids graduate from High School.

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Kris said...

All I can say it that it sucks getting old. I hope you find answers to your medical malaties! Keep feeling better!