Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hell Week

My "Hell Week" starts in 9 hours. I start checking teenagers in to there apartments for the summer at 8am tomorrow and the last one will get here at midnight. Then it's off to Tuacahn Monday morning at 8am until midnight. oh wait.....Sophie just threw up. Great, that's just what I need. And my parents and sis-in-law and 3 nieces will be here tomorrow. Nice. I'll try to keep you updated but now I need to go clean up throw-up.


Kris said...

I wish you good luck!! Just remember "this to shall pass". Whether that means passing cars going slower than you on the road, passing whatever ails the sick stomach, passing out at the end of the week because, phew - you did it! :)

R Clan said...

Oh my......I guess all I can say is Good Luck! ;)

katie said...

you are crazy busy!! I hope Sophie gets better.